Vincent Sheppard

Respect for nature and men

Vincent Sheppard started with the goal of honoring and preserving the tradition and history of the Lloyd Loom weaving technique. To accomplish this goal, we have developed a close collaboration with the local people of Cirebon, Indonesia. Known for its tradition in weaving and bending rattan, Cirebon was the perfect area to build our main production plant. The knowledge and skills of the local craftsmen elevate our products to pieces of art, each and every one of them handcrafted to perfection. Through the years, they have extended their product range with other natural and durable materials.

Respect for nature and men

From the beginning, Vincent Sheppard has made a clear choice to work with natural resources as much as possible for the production of our furniture. The beauty of natural products forms the base of every one of our designs.

At Vincent Sheppard, they are convinced that companies have a responsibility that goes beyond the product itself. They are committed to protecting the environment and make a priority out of the improvement of working conditions in the countries in which we operate. This means that we guarantee fair wage levels in accordance with local legislation.

Moreover, in Vincent Sheppard are keen on organising our company with an ecological mindset. They are very conscious about the consumption of resources. Recycling, the cleaning of wastewater and use of ecological cleansing products are standard procedures. Our headquarters in Belgium are nearly self-contained as we use solar energy to provide electricity for our production process.

In 2013, Vincent Sheppard received the FSC-label by the Forest Stewardship Council: a symbol of environmental, social and economic sustainability.