Services for Architects

A personal assistant dedicated to you

Papadatos & INTRO have been working alongside architects for almost 30 years, as a fundamental point for furniture and design. Thanks to an efficient and widespread logistics structure, it is able to follow you everywhere in your projects, whether they are public, private, contract, for exteriors or for interiors.

Remarkable regarding success and satisfaction, derived from the service provided to international professionals, today INTRO offers you a personal assistant, able to support you in all the collateral problems at your job, allowing you to feel only the pleasure of doing architecture.

Offer without limits, total quality

INTRO has a privileged relationship with a variety of international brands of furniture and design.

Therefore we guarantee the best and the most convenient purchase service that carefully combined with the selection of prices and materials and creativity of the solutions allows us to offer you the best quality possible.

The best conditions

We create together with the architectural offices by collaborating within dedicated and personalized partnerships. This allows us to create unique relationships with each architect by offering the best purchase conditions for you and for the client.

A perfect result

Our experts will help you to build the journey through the materials and styles of your project, supporting you in creating the perfect result, for the maximum satisfaction of your client.

Our experience at your service

We offer you all the experience of a company present on the market for 30 years, providing you a complete range of tools created to guarantee 360° professionalism.

Full custom built and customizations are just some of the keywords that describe INTRO services. Thanks to master craftsmen and a team of professionals dealing carefully with every detail, we can satisfy every request and need.

By communicating only with your personal assistant, every need will be managed in a timely, precise and fast manner.

In order to guarantee maximum expertise, your assistant is connected to the network with our specialists and with the Papadatos Hotel & Contract department, because alongside the contribution of the individual, the teamwork makes the difference.